Week 14

Hi baby

A lot has been happening over the last few weeks – so many exciting things!

I had my second midwife appointment. This time I wanted to go on my own and, whilst I missed your daddy being there, it was so lovely to have that time to myself. All of my tests (blood tests and the ultrasound scans) came back with great results. Meaning I am very healthy and well, and you are too. I instantly felt a sense of relief… I’m not gonna lie to ya – I’ve definitely eaten more “treat food” than I should have throughout my first trimester! And am glad to know this hasn’t had any bad effects for you.

But the BEST thing about this appointment, was that I got to hear your heart-beating, for the first time. Baby, no words can tell you how amazing that was. It still catches me off guard, every time I realise that you are a real little being, living and growing inside of me. I feel so incredibly lucky to have you; it’s the most amazing thing.

Your daddy continues to talk to you every day and tell you how much he loves you and me. I feel like my body belongs to both of us at the moment, as well as to you. I’m not sure that will ever be different now either – but I don’t mind at all. In fact, your daddy seems to notice the physical changes to my body better than I do – which is really nice for us both. We take photos of my bump every week, and plan to do a montage with them once you have popped out. Be prepared to be bombarded with cameras baby! I expect you to be the cutest thing on earth, so it will only be natural for you to expect mumma & popparazzi.

We’ve decided to keep your sex a secret until you announce it yourself at birth. So until then, we’ve also got a list of baby names ready – after carefully selecting the right middle name combinations so your initials won’t be EGG or GAG or BOG or something embarrassing.

Your daddy and I had a really lovely weekend – we always do, but this one was really special as we started to talk about our future as a family – moving house just before you arrive, and planning our future finances. We also went to Baby City yesterday. It was so adorable to see all the teeny tiny baby clothes we will buy for you soon, and all of the gorgeous cribs and blankets etc. Your daddy was like a kid in a candy shop – excitedly analysing all the state-of-the-art car-seats and strollers (checking to see if they were the same models he has been researching online)… my only concern is that I can fit the equipment into my car without having a minor melt-down each time – but your daddy will ensure you have the comfiest, safest way of getting around no matter what – so rest assured. (Hah – no pun intended).

I’m surprised at how well I feel. My energy is coming back, so now we’re in the 2nd trimester I am starting to take you walking, and swimming again. I wouldn’t say I’m a pin-up pregnant mum who’s living off kale and chia seeds, whilst sitting in a full lotus, but I’m trying.

I’ll always try for you baby,

Your Mumma



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