Week 17

Dear baby

This week I’ve been off work – and no words can describe just how good this has been. No words.

After discovering I was pregnant with you, and spending a lot of time over the last 3 months horizontal on the couch after long days hunched over a desk – to be free to walk around in the outdoors and fresh air has been nothing short of heavenly.

It was the Easter holidays, so your daddy had a little bit of time off too (much deserved after he’s worked so hard lately to develop his business even further for us) and so we took a mini break to Wellington and Nelson. Two places in New Zealand that I had not yet been to (in the 10+ years I’ve lived here!).

It was so good to get away! My body has slowly become softer and rounder over the last little while – so to be out tramping in the Abel Tasman for a few hours, blowing all the cobwebs off, was the best thing ever. Even getting caught in the rain for 3 hours was fantastic! Your daddy hated it… and I must admit it became a little uncomfortable (especially as I began to worry if you’d be warm and safe enough)… but I have an in-built feature that can’t help but love the romance of rain (it must be my British gene).

New Zealand is a truly beautiful country, baby. I wouldn’t say the most beautiful country in the world (as many New Zealander’s would like to claim) – but that’s only because I think the world is full of extraordinarily beautiful places. I truly hope you grow up with a desire to explore and to see some of those places, as I have. You know – I do find it strange, on occasion, when I realise that I am British but you will be a New Zealander. But I fully intend to get you your British passport, and someday I will take you and your daddy to the UK so you can both see where I come from, and fall in love with my beautiful country as much as I have fallen in love with yours.

You’ll be born in New Zealand, baby, but the whole world shall be your oyster.

Your Mumma,



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