Week 18

Dear baby

I had another blissful week off work this week, and! I found out that I am now a licensed Marriage Celebrant! Woo hoo!

This means that once you are born I won’t need to worry about being employed, as I can begin my own business and manage that from home whilst taking care of you too. Every little helps… because every little dollar your daddy and I have will now be yours, let’s face it!

We had another midwife appointment this week too, and this time your daddy got to hear your heart-beating for the first time. I was lay on the bed, whilst Sue used the wand on my tummy, and your daddy was sitting on the waiting chair by her desk… it wasn’t long though before he was out of his seat and standing beside us. He is so excited!

And you sound just like a race horse, you’re a real little mover! I’ve started feeling little bubbles in my tummy that are unaccounted for, and am sure it’s you. I’m now at a phase where I’m more than ready for a big belly and your kicks… I just wonder if I’ll eat those words before too long!

Baby, I came across this cute poem this week. It sums up exactly how I feel:

Cute baby poem

Oh gosh, I love you my baby!

Your Mumma




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