Week 20


Last night we felt you kick! WE! Your daddy and me both! It was just perfect that the first time I felt your movement he did too.

I’ve felt you wiggling around in my tummy for a couple of weeks now – a kind of fluttery, bubbly sensation (a friend described it perfectly as ‘like the feeling when you go down in a lift’! Like your tummy drops a little), followed by a sort of tightening sensation – which I assumed was you squirming around and moving from one side of my womb to the other. But last night was a real thud! We were just getting into bed – each night we both talk to you and wish you a goodnight, and your daddy kisses my tummy where you are (you most likely know this) – and last night was no different. Except before your daddy went down to talk to you, he put his arm around me and rested his other hand on my tummy. It felt really nice to be laying down after an uncomfortable day with back and leg ache, and your daddy’s hands were so lovely and warm, I felt my body completely relax under him – and them WHAM!

It happened so unexpectedly and, I’m not gonna lie, I all but screamed and your daddy jumped out of his skin! I think it was me that made him jump, not you, but I quickly put his hand back and he said “woah, I felt that!” I did too, I said! All of the flutters and bubbles I have felt up until now were most likely you, but this was unmistakable. You are really and truly in there.

We then spent about 20 minutes apologising to you, just in case we’d offended you by jumping.

I still find it extraordinary – that something so amazing is happening inside my squishy tummy.

We love you baby.

Your mumma





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