Week 22

Dear baby

The last couple of weeks have been so awesome.

Here are some of the awesome things that have happened:

1. It was Mother’s Day! Your daddy and people everywhere congratulated me on my first Mother’s Day, because even though you are still safely in my tummy – I’m already a mummy. Your grandparents Greer wanted to take us to their church (something I had not done before), and I found it to be so lovely and inclusive – a lot of happy, loving people, celebrating life and womanhood; it was empowering to be there. I also went to High Tea with your Grandma Baines and Aunty Hevz – we ate far too many cakes so you were a real bouncy bean! Sorry about that!

2. We’ve found a nice place to rent! It’s much bigger than where we currently are, with a little room for you and an office each for both your daddy and I. It has a private garden, and is in walking distance to the beach. It’s close to your Nana and Poppa Greer and closer to Grandma and Grandad Baines too. At some point your daddy will build us a house of our own… but whilst that’s happening we’ll be living in a container, so let’s make the most of renting for now!

There was a lot of to’ing and fro’ing with the Landlord around almost every term in the tenancy agreement – and I am sure they think we are ‘high maintenance’ tenants! – but it was with great pleasure I said, on more than one occasion, “look, I’ve just got to make sure we are properly protected, for baby’s sake.” On the tenancy agreement it says: “Nick Greer, Hayley Greer, and Baby Greer.” Baby Greer! How cute is that?!

3. I’ve been getting bigger! Over the last fortnight my tummy has really popped out, making me look very obviously pregnant now. Not just fat. We had a lovely night out at the theatre recently, where some dear friends kept saying how well I looked, including a stranger who approached me and said your daddy and I looked fantastic together. She wished us the best for you, it was so kind. I was positively glowing afterwards!

4. We had dinner with your grandparents Greer, who also invited another couple – and the other lady was pregnant too. She is 16 weeks to my 22, so it was wonderful to get to give advice to her and to say things like “oh yes, I remember that stage!” I felt all ‘expert-y’ and experienced. Not something you tend to feel during a first pregnancy, I’m sure. Still, I’m an expert in my own body and an expert in you after all. And she was such a lovely lady, holding my tummy and saying how she can’t wait to get bigger too. Surprisingly, I didn’t mind her touching my tummy. It made you more present with us all at the dinner.

5. We had another midwife appointment, and gave permission to a student midwife who was with her to assist in the check-up. She had a little bit of difficulty feeling the top of my womb when I lay on the bed… and our midwife pointed out that is because my abdominal muscles are very strong. GRIN! It was also really cool to hear your heartbeat loud and strong. She found it in a split second after putting the wand to my tummy and said that was incredible. I know, I said. MY BABY IS AMAZING!

6. I’m feeling your movements much more frequently now, and even noticing patterns in your activity – e.g. you tend to move the most just as I am settling to go to sleep! But I don’t mind at all. It’s amazing feeling you in there, and feeling you squirm when I roll from side to side. Struggling to find a comfy position as much as I am, no doubt. In fact, I accidentally rolled onto my tummy one morning – for ‘just one last snooze’ before getting up – and I felt a distinct kick on the mattress underneath me! It was amazing, you little cheeky!

7. I’ve been going to Saturday morning pregnancy yoga classes for the last month now, and I’ve really started to look forward to them and put them into daily practice. It’s incredible being in a room full of other mums-to-be and hearing all of the unique stories and friendly encouragements – it’s a really special time and I feel so empowered and feminine going to them. We also do some baby belly dancing – it’s very mother earth and I absolutely Iove it.

Baby, I’m starting to wonder now whether in fact you are a boy or a girl. We’re keeping your sex a surprise, but truth be told I’ve always had a gut instinct that you are a little girl. However, lately that has started to change… and now a little baby boy has started to appear in my subconscious. Maybe that means you are a boy after all, or maybe that just means I need to stop thinking about it!

Whoever you are, baby – I UTTERLY LOVE YOU!

Your Mumma



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