Week 35


It’s been a long time since I wrote to you – 5 eventful weeks! – but of course I do talk to you every single day.

Truth is, I’ve just been so busy preparing for your arrival, that it’s taken a bout of the flu to sit me down long enough to catch up with myself. And it’s been a pretty hideous week to be honest; a total wipe-out – never in my life have I felt more exhausted – and between coughing and sneezing and snuffling, and body aches, and worryingly high temperatures, the only other thing I’ve had time for is to complain about how much I am over being pregnant!

And I don’t mean that I am over YOU, just that I am over this waiting and this cumbersome body we share, and I cannot wait any longer for you to come into this world so we can meet the little person you are and I can return to being the comfortable and energetic person I am/you need. (Given how active you are being, I have a fairly strong inkling that you feel the same way!).

You’ve really grown a lot over the last month, my darling – and all of a sudden I found myself unable to get dressed without breaking into a sweat, or walk for any longer than 5 minutes before I need to pee, or sleep comfortably without 4 giant pillows wedging me in place (it must be the most hilarious thing in the world to the fly on the wall watching me dismount the bed 5-6 times each night and then bottom-first my way back in…). And I haven’t so much as cuddled your daddy in weeeeeeeeks, baby. Weeks! I see him every single day, but I miss him! He just can’t reach me! So, add to that ‘one flu,’ and I reached our biggest hill yet… declaring, “I am over it!”

But! It also has to be said that, now the flu has passed – I am back to appreciating my amazing body once again, even for it’s sickness! Because it knew exactly what I needed… I was so busy with one thing or another that I wasn’t doing what I should be doing above anything else – slowing down, and resting. So my body gave in to the flu and forced me to relax. And I am so grateful for it.

It has also been pretty incredible watching your daddy take care of me. I didn’t think it possible to be any more in love with him. I was wrong.

So, we still have a few weeks to go yet, baby, and I am right back to being just plain old uncomfortable, but still utterly in awe of your presence inside me. I am ready for you little one! – I have been for a very long time. So now it’s simply time for me to enjoy the quiet, as I sit in the middle of my two worlds.

This is me with you in my belly, baby! You are going to be so big and so beautiful! >


Your Mumma. Xxx



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