Taking stock

Dear baby Beau

You are currently sleeping, it’s nearly 11am. Lately, over the last month or so, you’ve been gracing me with a good solid 2-hour morning nap. Thank you! THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart.

During these morning naps I usually do some exercises, have a quick shower, before a round of housework such as laundry and meal prep, and then I will eventually sit down for an hour (if I’m lucky) with a cuppa – and this is when I work on one of my projects.

Something tells me, though, perhaps I need to prioritise my creative stuff, first…

There is an ever growing list of things I wish to do – develop this blog, write more poetry, launch my Celebrant website/business, produce some prints I have in concept form (aka in my head), continue teaching myself the Adobe Creative Suite, complete my pregnancy memoir/photobook, and a large array of other projects which are still just seedlings of ideas… when any of these projects will be completed, or at least under-way in earnest, is anyone’s guess. But this has been my first lesson of motherhood – do less, and be more – and I am ok with that.

This week, we are preparing to move house (this weekend) and I am determined to finish the words for your Naming Ceremony which is in just 2 weeks time… the winter sunshine is glorious and the air crisp and fresh, so I’m determined to get down to the beach with you each day whilst we still live just a short walk from it… and already I can feel my shoulders tense and my head spin…

So, instead, I will use your nap-time today to simply enjoy my cup of tea and take stock. Inspired by one of my most favourite blogs, Practicing Simplicity, today I am:

making : pear purée for your morning porridge
cooking : hard-boiled eggs for lunch
drinking : chamomile tea
reading : a stack of pregnancy/baby magazines, ripping out any useful articles to file before I recycle them
wanting : to take you and your daddy to visit my native U.K.
playing : with you! It usually involves tickling 🙂
deciding : when to do my exercises/go for a walk
wishing : life stays this good
enjoying : your kisses – you have just started to give them!
waiting : for you to wake up (not yet, please!)
liking : the fresh, crisp winter air
wondering : what our new home will be like (I haven’t seen it yet!)
loving : your daddy’s kind, generous heart and all he does for us
pondering : how to develop this blog and if to collaborate with other new mummas…
considering : taking an art class of some kind
watching : the light, clear wintry sky outside our dining room window
hoping : you will nap just another 30 minutes 🙂
marvelling : at how I am a mother
needing : a good stretch and/or a chiropractic adjustment (just booked one for 2pm)
smelling : my Jean Paul Gaultier perfume, which I recently started wearing again
wearing : black Nike leggings, a white Buddha tshirt, a beige jumper, and my sheepskin slippers
noticing : someone is mowing their lawns
knowing : these are the days of our lives, right now
thinking : of your upcoming Naming Ceremony… and if I will do a good job of it…
sorting : the whole house ready to move! Today is the kitchen cupboards.
buying : a mindfulness colouring book (for me) and veggie crayons (for you)
getting : lunch ready… dinner ready… always a meal to prepare!
disliking : the never-ending pile of clothes to fold and put away
opening : my eyes
giggling : at all of your new expressions, and how you raise one eyebrow at me in such a cheeky way
feeling : achy and in need of a good stretch/walk
snacking : on almonds
coveting : uninterrupted time! Even just a little bit… but unwilling to miss a moment of you.
helping : you to get around, when objects are still just out of your reach or you’ve gotten stuck
hearing : you – you have just woken up!
looking : forward, to so much.
I look forward to the day we can take stock, together! Your voice is something I anticipate more than anything.
Mumma. Xxx

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