Hi! My name is Hayley Greer. I’m a lover and a writer.

Born in the U.K., I now call beautiful New Zealand home. I am married to a man who is every bit as romantic as Walt Disney led me to believe he should be. And I am Mumma to Beau Xavier. He’s a total honey and I am head-over-heels for him.

These are my love letters to baby. // An honest account of my journey into motherhood, with all its magic and madness… from my baby’s conception, throughout my pregnancy, and now during Beau’s early years of life. I write to him partly to keep track of my thoughts during this highly changeable and sleep-deprived era of my life. And partly because I so enjoy reading the journeys of other Mummas, so I thought I would throw my own into the mix.

My letters are for baby – but hopefully the words speak to you, too.

When I’m not writing letters, you can find me on instagram @loveletterstobaby

Scenes from Motherhood. // This project is a fusion of words + pictures. Moments in time, captured, to cherish for always. The little details, the small moments, those things that make our lives so beautiful and so big. This weekly ritual enables me to be present in these moments, whilst also holding on to them as we flow into the next thing… the ever changing and evolving nature of our lives.

For features and/or to collaborate: hayleygreer@outlook.com

Read my latest feature over at AskingMums – a wonderfully positive and supportive, online community for mothers.

Thanks for stopping by! X


All content (c) Hayley Greer 2014-2016.

Banner image – pregnant – (c) Nova Photography 2014.


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