Dating daddy!

Since baby came along, my husband and I are more in love than ever – but! it’s hard to keep the romance alive when you are in high demand by someone else. So we’ve committed to 12 months and 12 dates – taking turns to plan them for that extra element of fun and surprise.

We’re in our second year of this fun little project! and, besides the decision to get married in the first place, this feels like the BEST decision we’ve ever made! Not only is our romance flourishing, but we still feel part of the adult world and our baby gets some good quality-time with his grandparents – win win win!

I know it can seem like the impossible – with limited time, dwindling funds, and a mojo that is often M.I.A… but trust me on this, friends…!

  • Friday night drinks at the pub?
  • A Saturday afternoon movie date?
  • Sampling the fare at a Sunday farmer’s market?
  • Bowling?
  • Mini golf?
  • A dance class?
  • The Comedy Club?
  • A walk along the beach followed by coffee and uninterrupted conversation???

The possibilities are endless and do not need to break the bank, or require anything more than each other.

Join the fun! #12months12dates – I’d love to hear your plans too and be inspired! Tag me @loveletterstobaby on instagram. X





#12months12dates 2015 |  new parents, so we really splurged!

FebruaryEmpire NZ – a circus burlesque show for Valentine’s Day
March – fine dining and champagne cocktails @ eight.point.two
April – a Comedy Gala in the NZ International Comedy Festival
May – finger-licking food at Orleans, then Auckland Theatre Company‘s ‘A Doll’s House’
June – couple’s massage at the gorgeous Forme Spa, Albany, then a movie.
July – another movie! Gold Class this time, sipping on bubbles – wintry perfection!
August – a cosy meal at a local pub, followed by popping into a friend’s 40th.
September –  Sunday lunch at Baduzzi, followed by ice-cream at Giapo‘s! Tu Meke!
October – Friday night at the theatre… (admiring a set that hubby built!)
November – we had 2 x concerts booked for this month, as well as our anniversary meal at The Tasting Shed – we were utterly beside ourselves with socialising!
December – a trip to Waiheke Island, dining at The Oyster Inn
January –
tickets to see Kate Tempest (British poet I have long admired).

#12months12dates 2016 | we’re all about being more active this year…

Februarykayaking the Puhoi River
March – country walk through Shakespear Regional Park
April – OUR FIRST NIGHT AWAY WITHOUT BABY! We booked a local B&B, slept in really late, and had a long leisurely breakfast. Restoration!
May – a beautifully blustery Sunday afternoon walk, along Orewa beach
June – a meal with friends at a French Restaurant… we seem to be back to food!…
July – 





Make it happen, my friends, you completely and utterly deserve it!).

A pub meal and moonlight walk along the beach; competetive pool/bowling/mini golf; dessert and coffee; a bush walk; a picnic in the park; ice-skating; river kayaking/boating; eat fish and chips out of the paper bag, snuggled somewhere outdoors; dance lesson(s); a pottery class (we’ve all seen ‘Ghost!’); TV marathon; concert tickets; games night with friends; Theatre tickets; homewares shopping; Farmer’s markets; restaurant hopping (i.e. 3 restaurants – 1 for entree, another for dinner, and a 3rd for dessert); an expo – e.g. a travel expo to plan future holidays…; make chocolate fondu; go-karting; go clothes shopping and help each other find an new outfit for an upcoming special occasion; play tennis/squash; print a bunch of baby photos and spend time putting them in an album; toast marshmallows in a backyard fire-pit/BBQ; be tourists in your own city – visit the museum…; … or maybe you could favour something the other half really enjoys. e.g. for us – he could come watch me perform poetry at an open mic night, or I could join him for a windsurf lesson/watch him surf before a meal together. (To be honest – most of ours will involve food!)




WHAT WILL YOU DO? Tag your #12months12dates to @loveletterstobaby on instagram – I would love to hear about your dates, and to be inspired. X




“I didn’t fall in love with you. I walked into love with you, with my eyes wide open, choosing to take every step along the way. I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe we are only fated to do the things that we’d choose anyway. And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you” – Kiersten White


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